Drink It Up

15 01 2012

What’s one thing we really can’t live without?  Water.  For awhile, getting my son to drink out of a sippy cup had been a struggle.  After months of purchasing new cups, reverting back to bottles, trying different flavors of milks, juices, flavored waters…I had finally found it!  As it turns out, my son, like me, is very particular when it comes to the type of container he drinks his liquids from.  I have three great sippys to share:

This company is super eco-friendly, they only use kitchen-grade stainless steel, it’s BPA free (BPA is just another chemical found in plastics that our children don’t need), and the spout works with Avent’s patented sippy spout.  Oh, and they come in lots of kool kolors, too!

Take&Toss by First Years is another great sippy.  These don’t break the bank and if you lose one, well, big deal.  These are BPA free, as well, reusable, recyclable, and spill proof!  Believe it or not, they hardly ever leak–even when they get “tossed” on the ground.

  • Vapur ($9.99 for a .5L)

This sippy is for everyone else–other than the babies.  I chose this picture because it shows how compact it is once you’ve emptied it.  I love how this “Anti-Bottle” (which the company calls it) is freezable, foldable, dish-washable, and attachable.  On their website, Vapur talks about how over 176 billion plastic bottles will be either dumped into landfills or left to float in the ocean EACH YEAR!  Do yourself  (and the planet) a favor–buy a reusable water bottle and stop buying plastic bottles to throw away after each use.




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