Oh, So Sour! Yet, So Sweet!

16 01 2012

I just came across one of the best shower (or anytime) gifts.  Citrus Lane was created by two mothers who, like me, was  (and still is!) totally overwhelmed with all of the STUFF out there for babies.  Carriers, car seats, strollers, lotions, food…my gaawwddd, the list goes on and on.  I’ve seen tidbits about this company on Daily Candy and Facebook, so I decided to check it out for myself.  You can buy gift boxes for a specific amount of time that are sent directly to your door (or your recipient’s door!)  For a minimum of $25 (depending on the box size) and free shipping, you get a different box each month with surprise goodies.  Most of these boxes are valued at much, much more!  Gift boxes are full of some of the best snacks, utensils, bath products, board books…you name it…a baby or toddler can use.  Seriously, this website rocks.  It also saves me time from running to the store for my next baby shower purchase.




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