The Sound of Music

4 02 2012

Not only do I love the movie, but I love listening to music with my son.  Side note: speaking of the movie, we watched The Sound of Music together on Day 2 of his life…and it was magical!  I sang to him all the songs and he just stared at me.  My heart melted.

You hear how important music is to babies–heck, ALL children, but to see the effects is totally something different.  The first time they dance, clap their hands, and play an instrument is monumental.  Somehow, someway, participate in some type of musical experience with your child.  Whether it be going to a music class, putting some classical tunes on your iPod, hitting up a drum circle in the park, or singing lullabies, it’s totally worth your efforts in the long run.

Studies have shown that spatial reasoning can improve when listening to classical music and “children who took piano lessons for six months improved their ability to work puzzles and solve other spatial tasks by as much as 30 percent,” (Education Oasis, 2011).

I’ve found some amazing music videos on YouTube, too, that my son flips out over.  His favorite artist is Chris Ballew, former lead singer of The Presidents of the United States of America turned children’s singer/songwriter.  His alter ego is Caspar Babypants.  You MUST–at the very least–have your little munchkin check Caspar’s version of The Itsy Bitsy Spider out:




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5 02 2012
Urban Nugget

My munchkins LoVe Caspar Babypants! 🙂

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